Welcome to Parker  Custom Woodworking!

  We are a Michigan based family operated company that specializes in making, designing, veneering, painting, and refinishing of all types of furniture and cabinets.

  We also do hand stripping of your old finish to  maximize the quality of your new finish. We can handle just about any project. Big or small. Best of all, we do it at a reasonable price!

  We are a professional shop with professional equipment for professional results. Thank you for visiting our site and feel free to contact us for any of your questions.

  We are an environment friendly company. We specialize in water-based and hand rubbed finishes. We also utilize reclaimed lumber.   


  "Why go to big chain stores and buy mass produced furniture they assume will fit your needs?"

  "When you can come to us and have quality, unique custom, built furniture you know will fit your needs."

- Thomas Parker & Sons

                                                   We do custom work! 

                                                Customer's Home Office

                                            We restore and refinish too! 


                                       This site was built by Dave Parker 

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